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Sunday, 21 January 2018

What's On Offer This Year

2018 has a lot of NEW group work for those of you inspired to make a difference in the world. Whether it's meditation, discussion or action it's all here.
And it's in our hands so let's roll up our sleeves and get involved in healing and transforming OUR world and home.

We are offering:

Full Moon Meditation group on Mondays closest to each Full Moon at (new venue check back here or contact Morgana). In Adelaide, South Australia.

*Up and running.....New Moon Triangles Meditation & Earth Charter Discussion Group on Mondays closest to each New Moon at The Box Factory Community Centre, Regent St South, Adelaide, South Australia 6 - 7 pm.

*First workshop announced soon...Regular public Workshops on topics related to World Goodwill & Triangles.
Become an official Goodwill Ambassador.

*And if you would like to know more about how to live consciously as a preparation for dying consciously then contact Morgana.

*If you'd like to do online formal training in spiritual development, meditation and world service contact the Arcane School.

For more on meditation meeting & public talk details and dates:
Phone:  Morgana +61 0417 830 411

All events are free although donations greatly appreciated.. All welcome. Refreshment provided.

Planetary transformation and healing

Why Stand With Refugees

“Once you have borne witness, you cannot turn away"
A very personal speech by Cate Blanchett, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, on why she stands with refugees.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

What is Sustainable Development?

World Goodwill

World Goodwill = Planetary Salvation

Goodwill simply means thinking the best of everyone and everything. And then acting from that place.

It is an effort to extend ourselves into the world and see it in a positive light.
Then to act as much as we can, 'as if' this were so.

The amazingly interesting thing about this simple suggestion is that, it works. Why? Because, as we know there's a spiritual and physical law called the Law of Manifestation or Cause and Effect.

As we think, so the world conforms to our thoughts. Not immediately perhaps, although it can do. But over time it will as sure as the Sun rises in the east. After all time is just our brain's perception of the process of building or cooking from scratch. It's the process from idea to template to finished product; a process known to every site manager and chef the world over.  Just be patient and all things come to pass and the more you work on it your end the faster will be the results.

Eventually, given the pause that we call time, you notice a change in that person's behaviour towards you and likewise, you have changed, It's magic and grounded in everyday scientific reality. That's goodwill in action. 

Goodwill is like a mirror showing us that were not an island but all interconnected. 

Some say that Goodwill is love in action.

World Goodwill is applying all those cute words we teach our children like kindness, sharing and cooperating. So kindness to our family and friends becomes a willingness to enable the best for others without interfering in their individual rights.  Sharing is such a nice concept like, 'the toys are for everyone to have a turn and enjoy'. In the same way the natural resources of our planet are there for us all so that we can all not just survive, but thrive into our highest potential.  And Cooperating is seeing ways we can work together on projects, in sharing resources to achieve goals and realise plans in ways that we can't do on our own.

World Goodwill is the key to our way forward and even to our individual self and spiritual development on the long, winding path of life. PLanetary or world goodwill means extending the key concepts of being a good human into a planetary idea for how we can move forward together. Just as we need to demonstrate these words in the playground, family or society, so do we now need to look at how we can live them as a one human family and one planetary share house.

For information on Workshops on World Goodwill in Adelaide and Online.

Become a Goodwill Ambassador

Planetary healing and transformation

World Goodwill, Triangles Meditation and The Earth Charter Public Workshops

World Goodwill, Triangles Meditation and The Earth Charter: Why are these so important to our world and to you?

We will be offering regular FREE public workshops on topics related to World Goodwill, Triangles Meditation and The Earth Charter in Adelaide, South Australia.

These are held at different venues to make it easy for you to access them from wherever you live. Transcripts and videos will also available HERE if you can't get there personally.

The first workshop details and venue will be available shortly so please check back regularly, complete the online form or subscribe to the feed for updates.

World Goodwill

Goodwill is one of our most basic spiritual qualities. It is also perhaps the great untapped resource at the heart of every human community. This energy is potentially a powerful force for social change – yet its power remains largely unrecognized and underutilized. World Goodwill fosters understanding of this energy and the role it is playing in the development of a new humanity, in planetary healing and transformation...

In our World Goodwill Workshops we will examine the major issues facing us and our planet at this time. We'll talk about our own individual lives and brainstorm how we can help make a positive difference by tapping this powerful force within ourselves.

Be a World Goodwill Ambassador.


Triangles  is a service activity, using the power of thought and of prayer to uplift and transform consciousness.

THREE PEOPLE FORM A TRIANGLE and agree to link in thought each day. Or you can just visualise the whole planet surrounded in lighted triangles. Then using the Great Invocation, a world prayer, visualize energies of light and goodwill circulating through the three focal points of their triangle, and pouring out through the network of triangles surrounding the planet.  Participants imagine the hearts and minds of the human family being irradiated with light and goodwill, strengthening all that is good and true and of beauty in the world.
In the Triangles Workshops we'll talk about what, why and how to use Triangles as a creative visualisation in our daily life. We'll see how this simple activity can have a profound effect on ourselves, our environment and the whole world.

The Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is a United Nations inspired citizen initiated document that provides a clear framework for our discussion and action to create a sustainable, just and ethical planet for us all. 

Planetary transformation and healing

The Art of Dying: The Last Breath & Immediately After

What happens at the moment of death? And in the hours after our last breath?

And perhaps more importantly, how can we prepare ourselves to 'do' this last moment. Not to just be a pawn in a process but to be consciously pro-active (or as much as possible), until the very end.

I'm not talking about euthanasia. Rather this article is examining how we can use our mind, will, and heart, to effect a 'good death', by living a good life to enable an even better next life or re-incarnation. This is perhaps what it means to be truly human.

What's the point? You may ask. Well I've spent my life asking this question and for my thoughts, insights and research on reincarnation see my article Life's Got No Purpose if We Don't Come Back.

The teachings say it's not much good leaving it to the last minute to say sorry and repent our sins. Although not wasted they say that the superstition of the 'death-bed repentance' is minimal compared to how and what we are thinking or feeling as we die.

'...for the immutable justice and harmony of the karmic Law can only return a fleeting effect for a fleeting cause; and the rest of the Karmic debt must be paid in future earth-lives.... at death we shall be judged by our own Higher Self, and under the conduct of the agents of the Karmic Law (the Demiurgos collectively), will have to reincarnate again into the prison of the body, until the past evil Karma has been exhausted. For until the last farthing of the Karmic debt is exhausted, we can never be untied from the wheel of "Samsara" [the great cycle of births and deaths of the immortal Ego]. (1)

We are advised to get to work now on preparing for our final breath while we are hale and hearty. I discuss how to do this in my article Living Life In Preparation For Dying. 

Briefly the teachings say that our next birth - who are parents will be, where we are born, our demographic, our relatives, our physical body and health - are largely determined at the moment of death and shortly thereafter. These lay the fabric and environment in which our soul tries to manifest its purpose through our personality.

The last desires we have at the time of our death will reflect what was most important to us during the many days we thought and desired through our long life.  So we build up a pattern or template which will follow us into the next life.  This is the belief of not just Tibetan Buddhism (2) but of many spiritual teachings  including Hinduism, Janism, Sufism, the mystical arm of the Islamic faith, the Greek teachings of Pythagoras, Plato and Socrates and the mystical Judaic faiths of the Kabbalah. Not to mention all the other ancient traditions such as the Shamanic, Norse mythology, Celtic Druids, Zoroastrianism and early Christianity.

Many wisdom texts tell us that death is caused by the planned intent of the soul that informs it. The soul, not our personality, is really in charge of whether we live or die. Yes, we can suicide or be accidentally killed through the actions of our personality. We can be sent to war and die, contract a virus that kills us or have a fatal disease passed to us through the genes of our ancestors, but at the end of the day, the personality hands over the reins of life to its master, the soul.

Ancient wisdom across time and clutures says that it is the soul that continues on after physical death. That our consciousness remains intact - you are aware of being you but in a timeless, non-physical way. The essential 'I' remains the same.

That's why the texts suggest we get to know our true, higher self or soul while before we die because after that, it's all we've got.  This is the beginning of the journey towards conscious living and preparation for conscious dying. 

After the soul has withdrawn from the body then the planet is the death-bestowing power, taking back the body, or the elemental forces of earth, water, fire and air, that it bequeathed to our safe-keeping at our conception. Yes, the planet that sustained us has, like a great mother, the power to destroy us.

This blog is not an argument for anything - how we live and die is a personal matter. I want to share my own journey of expanding awareness into the nature of being human with you to take or leave. 

This blog and the sections on conscious dying, are for those who do recognise that they are a soul living in a borrowed body that one day they must relinquish. They know they have a responsibility to make choices while fit and healthy, to heal themselves and live a good life. They practise dying while living, understanding that this will help them to more consciously make restititution to their soul when their time to die has come.

The Process of Dying

According to the Tibetan tradition there are three main phases of the death process:

Of these three the phase we are considering in this article is the first - The Work of Restitution. Alice Bailey calls this the return of the elements, atoms and cells of our form to the basic reservoir of substance, while our soul, the diving spiritual energy, returns to its source. (2) This moment is governed by the great Law of Karma just as is the reverse or incarnation of the soul into the body at conception and birth.

The Law of Karma is essentially a law of love. It's about goodness, truth, beauty, order, justice and the sacredness of all life. Contrary to what we normally think, it's neither 'good' or 'bad' but the response of substance to the laws that govern it, just as in physics, we know that matter obeys physical laws.

The teachings and numerous Near Death Experience survivors tell us that this transition from dying to death is a celebration. It is a return to be in a place of limitless loving compassion with those we have known and loved. This may be very different from birth when we are often thrust into a harsh physical form to be with people we don't recognise.

Apparently when we die our soul becomes aware that it is no longer limited by its physical body. We can see our past and present and then see into our future. We exist for a moment in the eternal now. Although we are essentially our soul using our personality, the true moment of liberation while we are alive comes when our personality knows it is the soul's willing vehicle. When we realise we have no life purpose other than to be of service to others and the greater purpose. This is when we are at one with our soul or our life's purpose. We can achieve while alive, what we realise at the moment of death. This is perhaps what the teachings mean by the term 'continuity of consciousness'. (3)

The moment of death is the instant when we can see what our life has been for. Then comes the process where we look at how closely our true purpose aligned with what we did do. We go through the life review or see our whole life flashing in our mind. NDE survivors tell of this and on their return this experience of seeing and feeling the effect of their thoughts, words and actions on others, can be the catalyst for changing their life completely. Giving their life to help others where before they may have not done.

There are three chakras through which our essence or etheric body exits at our last breath. This is either through our solar plexus, just below the apex of our heart or the top of our head. (4)The ideal is to escape as high up the body as possible such as the heart or top of the head and so we are advised to have someone place their hand on the top of our head to guide our consciousness as high as possible during the dying process. More on this in the articles The Nitty Gritty of How We Die.  And What Healer Can Do To Help.


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Planetary transformation and healing